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CURE - Centres for Urban Re-manufacturing


August 2018 - December 2018


The CURE Pathfinder project will explore the possibility of establishing CUREs in different cities, estimate the potential benefit these centres may generate in Berlin and Gothenburg and engage a consortium to implement the centres. During the Pathfinder the project team will explore the possibility of engaging more cites in the idea of establishing CUREs, to create a larger network with which to apply for a future Demonstrator project.

Project objective
The Pathfinder project will review similar initiatives to learn how they operate, estimate potential benefits and risks of establishing CUREs, define business models for specific product streams and engage actors to establish CUREs in different cities.

Project implementation
The research team will perform a literature review, complemented by in depth interviews with knowledgable actors from relevant existing initiatives. The material collected will be analysed and summarized in a publication reviewing existing initiatives that have inspired the idea to establish a CURE. In the same way, information will aslo be collected for a market analysis report to inform the establishment of a CURE in Berlin and Gothenburg. Some of the initiatives contacted in this way are invited to become part of the project consortium that will establish CUREs in different locations, resulting in a new project application.


  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Sustainable Waste and Water Management office, Municipality of Gothenburg
  • Material Mafia


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