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RESUME - Resource efficiency through decentralized cooperation in recycling networks

Economic growth is related to an increasing demand for raw materials. For limited non-renewable resources like metals, the recycling management is a promising approach and practice to lead bound substances back into production processes after the use phase. This transformation process is currently limited by economic values like fuel efficiency, cost efficiency and in the application to product categories with new combinations of materials. Influenced by the German waste legislation, different categories of waste recycling systems for different processing routes have been established. Currently no approach is given to combine the supply of recycled materials with the demand for raw material in a deliberate way. This is founded in the insufficient monitoring of quality and quantity of material flows along the disposal chain, the lack of internal and external communication and networking between the different recycling systems.

The aim of this BMBF (Federal Ministry for Education and Research) funded project is to create an (information technology) tool which serves as a demonstrator, similar to an online portal respectively a marketplace, which enables the alignment of supply and demand of secondary raw materials. Further the process capabilities of the recycling technologies are taken into account. Using this instrument, users are able to integrate them into the technological supply chain of the recycling management and thus contribute the satisfaction of the demand for secondary raw materials. The key element is a combined tool for flow analysis, strategy selection as well as a supply and demand market.

The balance between supply and demand and the company's overall planning of the necessary material flows takes place decentralized and adapted to the needs and requirements of the single user. The information technology tool will support the evaluation of internal and external recycling methods depending on the user requirements. Several recycling methods are shown which pursue different objectives, e.g. profit, material yield, specific cooperation with companies and the focus on the recovery of rare, valuable or special materials. For scarce data-sets, the tool provides general solutions for recycling systems.

The instruments are gradually accessible to all actors in the recycling management. The research approach of the RESUME project focuses first on electrical (electronic) equipment, especially small appliances, and finally leads to a general method for handling all kinds of waste materials.

Contact Persons

Dipl.-Ing. Maximilian Ueberschaar

Raum Z 112
Fon: 030 - 314 29136
Fax: 030 - 314 21720
Dipl.-Ing. Ramona Götze

Raum Z 112
Fon: 030 - 314 25247
Fax: 030 - 314 21720

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