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PhD topic Karima Hamouda

Karima Hamouda, MSc.
Development of a decision support system to manage electronic waste in Algeria - Special focus on computer waste
Karima Hamouda, MSc.

Electrical and electronic waste is considered as a set of electrical equipments that have reached their end-of life, thus, electronic waste includes consumer products such as refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, televisions, radios, computers as well as equipments used in energy production systems like solar modules, converters and regulators.
Algeria produces and imports electronic equipments that end up as waste. Since we do not currently have storage and recycling facilities, electronic waste is either thrown away in nature or stored in uncontrolled sites. In fact electronic waste raises a real challenge in comparison to many other types of waste due to its contents which is characterized by the existence of some toxic materials.
Algeria has achieved a considerable progress in waste management over the last decade. Nevertheless, the issue of e-waste has not been addressed by the public authorities and the fate of e-waste has not been investigated in depth, this is due to limited infrastructure and access to technology and investment. The situation regarding e-waste is therefore concerning, but not yet alarming. The general objective of this research is to enhance the capacity of Algeria to tackle the problem of e-waste, through a development of a decision support system, this one would aid the global effort for monitoring of e-waste and policy implementation of e-waste management. This doctoral work will address as well the following points:
  • Assessment of the quantity of computer waste generated in Algeria.
  • Assessment of the financial feasibility for recycling end-of-life personal computers generated in Algeria.
  • To deepen the knowledge of the sensitivities of the business in order to identify the key processes and parameters; those make up a sound e-waste treatment (Collection,  preprocessing, end-processing, and monitoring).
  • The state of progress of electronic waste management and the related legal framework in Algeria.

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