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Courses offered by the Chair of Circular Economy and Recycling Technologies

Here you find a list of all courses and modules offered by the Chair of Circular Economy and Recycling Technologies as well as a short description of each module and its components. Modules which are thaught in english language are indicated.

You can find all current module descriptions in the module transfer system Moses. All relevant documents and dates are available via ISIS.

In case of questions regarding the offered courses or organizational issues please write an e-mail to the responsible person of the module or to info(at)circulareconomy.tu-berlin.de

Waste to Energy Processes

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Susanne Rotter
Lecture Waste to Energy
Lehrveranstaltung 0333 L 540

course language: english


  • Status of Waste to Energy in Waste Management 
  • Physicochemical principles of incineration, drying, pyrolysis, and Gasification 
  • Process and operational Units description of thermal Treatment. 
  • Emissions Control, flue gas cleaning and residues treatment. 
  • Supplementary Fuels Production from Waste 
  • Energy use and co-incineration in industry
Exercise Waste energy utilization 
Lehrveranstaltung 0333 L541

course language: english


By using the potential energy in waste, waste management in Germany contributes to climate and resource protection. Waste-to-Energy also includes energy recovery of substitute fuels, biogas, biomass and landfill gas. In this exercise, basic principles are laid down for the interpretation and evaluation of energetic exploitation measures::
  • Incineration calculations
  • Water liquid-vapor cycles
  • Energy Balances 
  • CO2-Balances for the assessment of Climate Change
  • Profitability analysis for waste-to-energy projects
Course material and schedule are available on ISIS
The current Module description is available in Moses 

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Biological processes and landfill technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Susanne Rotter, M.Sc. Albrecht Fritze
Integrated course 0333 L 510 and 530
4 SWS IV (6 LP)

Module language: Englisch


  • Quantification and characterization of organic waste, biological and geochemical conversion processes
  • Process technologies for composting and anaerobic digestion facilities, and also landfills and mechanical-biological-treatment plants
  • Design and dimensioning of composting and biogas plants or landfills
  • emission prevention by leachate and exhaust air treatment biological treatment plants
  • Final storage criteria for landfill management
  • Prognosis and utilization of landfill and biogas
  • Measurement of greenhouse gas emissions from biological treatment plants, determination of depositing properties
  • Remediation and decommissioning of landfills and special features of underground landfills

Course material and dates on ISIS
The currently module description can be accessed via Moses

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Advanced Recycling Technologies

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Susanne Rotter, M.Sc. Albrecht Fritze
Course no. 0333 L 501
 2 SWS seminar, 2 SWS exercise/tutorial = 4 SWS (6 ECTS)

course language: english


  • Fundamentals on primary and secondary production of abiotic raw materials (steel, aluminum, phosphorous, copper, precious metals, specialty metals)
  • Use and demand of metals and minerals in the society
  • Quantification of resource potentials in end-of-life flows
  • Advanced sorting technologies
  • Recycling-oriented product characterization
  • Chemical analysis of Critical Materials in post-consumer products
  • Analytical tools in Resource Management (Material Flow Analysis, Recycling Performance Indicators, Reczclablity assessment) Criticality Assessment, statistical analysis of uncertainties)
Course materials and dates on ISIS2
The latest module description can be found on Moses

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