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Latest information concerning exams and COVID 19

Dear students,

we are overwhelmed by all the measures to stop the spread of corona virus. This means also for us that we have to adapt to this new situation. Nevertheless, we want to create some “normality” and will change all “presence oral examinations” into “WebEx oral examinations”. Please understand that it is also the first time for us doing the examination through this media.

In this document we resume the rules we thought important to make our oral examinations efficient and on time.

Please read it carefully and follow the points. 

All the best

The CERT-Team



Examination dates 2019/2020
Examination period
Registration period
for examination*
Examination modules
Jan 20:

30.12.19 - 09.01.20
all modules (except TUS1)
Feb 20:

20.01.20 - 30.01.20
all modules (except TUS1)
March 20:**

02.03.20 - 12.03.20
all modules (except TUS1)
April 20:

23.03.20 - 02.04.20
all modules (except TUS1)
only online-exams

March, April, November
Submit registrations at the latest until the 1st of the previous month of the examination period at the secretariat Z2 (please check Important exam information)
TUS 1 (2nd try, oral exam)
* From 3 weeks until 1 week before the examination period
Please consider the Important exam information
** Due to the large number of registrations some examinations are likely to take place outside the planned examination period.

Registration for oral exams

The registration form for oral exams is available below within the registration period.

Note: Please ensure that you receive a confirmation e-mail from the system after your registration. You should get the confirmation e-mail immediately after solving (not copying) the equation and clicking on CONTINUE.

Important exam information

The upcoming exam dates will be made public during lecture, on the notice board and here on our website. There will be approximately four exam periods within a year.

How to register for an exam at the chair of Circular Economy and Recycling Technologies:

  1. External registration at the examination office.
  2. Registration at CERT: Hand in the carbon copy (yellow sheet) of the exam registration form at the latest on the last day of the exam registration period at the secretariat Z2 (office hours Monday – Thursday 10 am – 1 pm). In case you are unable to submit the yellow sheet in time (due to traineeships etc.) please make sure you hand in the yellow sheet before your absence. 

  3. The registration is done exclusively throughout our Online Platform. The examination dates will be announced approx. 7 days before the start of the examination week. Desired dates can not be considered. When signing up online, however, it is possible to indicate on which day an examination is under no circumstances possible and add a possible exam partner.

  4. Please note that you will either have to upload a QISPOS print or hand in the carbon copy (yellow sheet) at the secretariat Z2. Exception: ERASMUS and external students.

  5. Certain exam periods are destined preferably for ERASMUS students and students, who are planning to do a long-term stay abroad. A registration for these exam periods is therefore only possible with appropriate confirmation/proof.

Please note that both modules of a major module (Schwerpunktmodul) will be examined together in one exam.


Special case: 2nd repetition (3rd try, oral exam) Fundamentals of Environmental Technology I (Grundlagen Technischer Umweltschutz I)

Please register in time for the 2nd repetition exam (3rd try, oral) in the module „Fundamentals of Environmental Technology I“ as there are several departments in the planning and organization involved, which increases the coordination and organizational effort. 

  • At first please register at the examination office

  • After having registered at the examination office, please sign up for the exam in the secretariat at the latest until the first of the previous month of the exam period providing the carbon copy of the registration form (yellow sheet).

  • Exam dates will be offered in March, June and November of every year. The exam dates will be arranged as soon as the binding registration on the due dates 01.02., 01.05. and 01.10. is finalized.
  • The duration of the oral exam will be around 45 – 60 min.

  • Any upcoming questions regarding content-related preparation should be addressed in time to the corresponding tutors of the involved Chairs/departments (i.e. use the email address tutor(at)circulareconomy.tu-berlin.de for questions concerning waste management).




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